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"Think Of You" 21" Rose Gold Sonnet Chime

"Think Of You" 21" Rose Gold Sonnet Chime

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21" Rose Gold Sonnet Chime – A Thoughtful Melody for Your Heart

Our 21" Rose Gold Sonnet Chime is more than a beautiful piece of decor; it's a heartfelt expression of care and remembrance. With four heavy-walled, center-pinned tubes, it releases sweet, gentle tones that dance in the breeze. Crafted from durable aluminum with a powder-coated and anodized finish, it's built to last and evoke tender sentiments.

This chime features an adjustable striker for customized melodies, and its tubes proudly bear the sentiment: "Every time the wind blows... I think of you." It's a perfect gift to send for visitations or services, offering solace and a reminder that cherished memories remain with us always. Share your thoughts with the gift of our Rose Gold Sonnet Chime.
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