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The Practical Magic Bouquet

The Practical Magic Bouquet

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Introducing our 'Practical Magic Bouquet' – a captivating addition to our fall collection. This enchanting bouquet weaves together the warm hues of autumn with a blend of red, peach, and yellow blooms. Radiant roses, charming carnations, delightful daisies, and hearty mums are artfully arranged alongside a variety of whimsical greenery.

This bouquet embodies the essence of fall, capturing the vibrant spirit of the season. Whether adorning your home or sending heartfelt wishes to a loved one, the 'Practical Magic Bouquet' is a magical choice that brings the beauty of fall into every moment. Let its colors and charm cast a spell of joy and warmth.

Vase may vary based on availability but will look similar. Please note that each arrangement is handmade and unique and may contain different flowers than are shown due to availability and freshness. We guarantee our designers will do what they do best and select the best substitutes as needed.

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