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Garden In A Basket

Garden In A Basket

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Introducing our delightful Garden in a Basket collection, the perfect gift to bring a touch of nature indoors or enhance any outdoor space! Each basket is meticulously filled with beautiful garden plants and adorned with a charming spring bow, adding a whimsical touch to someone's day.

Choose from three sizes to suit every preference:

  • Lovely: An approximately 5" basket brimming with plants and a sweet bow, offering a charming addition to your favorite persons home or garden.
  • Fabulous: An approximately 8" oval basket filled with a mix of perennial and annual plants, accompanied by a bow, ensuring your loved one receives a delightful burst of color and life.
  • Gorgeous: An approximately 12" peanut basket features our largest mix of plants in a variety of perennials and annuals, complemented by a bow, designed to create a stunning display.

Bring joy and beauty to someone's life with our Garden in a Basket collection. Order now and let the greenery bloom!

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