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"Always Missed" Heart Shadow Box Lantern

"Always Missed" Heart Shadow Box Lantern

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Introducing the "Always Missed" Heart Shadow Box Lantern, a heartfelt tribute crafted by Carsons. This exquisite lantern features a luminous heart silhouette, encapsulating a built-in LED candle within its quality UV-printed glass. Adorned with delicate details and the poignant sentiment "Always Missed," it stands as a timeless homage to beloved memories.

Elegant and enduring, this lantern radiates warmth and comfort, offering solace in times of remembrance. With a user-friendly 6-hour ON and 18-hour OFF timer, it brings convenience while honoring the enduring spirit of those we hold dear.

Embrace the cherished memories of loved ones with the "Always Missed" Heart Shadow Box Lantern โ€“ a beacon of love and tribute, perfect for home decor or as a thoughtful gift to honor their enduring legacy.

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