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Mandevilla Trellis 10"

Mandevilla Trellis 10"

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Pre-order Information: Secure your Mandevilla Trellis today with our pre-order option. Due to its popularity and limited availability, reserving yours in advance ensures that you'll have this stunning addition to your outdoor space ready to blossom when the time arrives.

Elevate your outdoor retreat with the vibrant elegance of our Pre-order Mandevilla Trellis, presented in a 10" growers pot. Admired for its stunning blooms and graceful vines, the Mandevilla adds a touch of tropical allure to any garden or patio space.

About Mandevilla Trellis: The Mandevilla, known botanically as Mandevilla spp., is a stunning flowering vine cherished for its lush foliage and prolific, trumpet-shaped flowers. With its vigorous growth and captivating color varieties, this trellis plant is ideal for creating vertical interest and adding a splash of vibrant charm to your outdoor landscape.

Product Details:

  • Height: Approximately 4+ feet tall
  • Pot Size: 10" Growers Pot
  • Flower Color Options: Pink or Red
  • Sunlight Requirements: Full sun to partial shade
  • Watering Needs: Keep soil consistently moist, allowing for proper drainage
  • Maintenance: Provide support for climbing vines and prune as needed to maintain shape and encourage blooming

Add a burst of tropical beauty to your outdoor oasis with our Pre-order Mandevilla Trellis. Reserve yours now and cultivate a garden brimming with colorful splendor!

Disclaimer: Actual product may vary in appearance and size due to natural growth patterns and seasonal availability.

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