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Kimberly Queen Fern 6"

Kimberly Queen Fern 6"

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Pre-order Information: Please note that our Kimberly Queen Fern is available for pre-order. Due to high demand and limited availability, we recommend reserving yours in advance to ensure availability.

About Kimberly Queen Ferns: The Kimberly Queen Fern, known botanically as Nephrolepis obliterata, is a resilient fern species prized for its upright growth habit and durability. Its vibrant, arching fronds create a verdant cascade of greenery, making it an ideal choice for adding a refreshing burst of nature to your home or office environment.

Product Details:

  • Height: Approximately 1+ feet tall at pick up
  • Pot Size: 6" Growers Pot
  • Light Requirements: Bright, indirect light to partial shade
  • Watering Needs: Keep soil consistently moist, but not soggy
  • Maintenance: Trim dead or yellowing fronds regularly to promote growth and maintain appearance
  • Air Purification: Known for its ability to naturally filter indoor air pollutants, promoting a healthier living environment

Enhance your indoor space with the timeless elegance of our Pre-order Kimberly Queen Fern. Reserve yours today and bring the beauty of nature into your home or office!

Elevate your indoor oasis with the graceful beauty of our Pre-order Kimberly Queen Fern, nestled in a 10" growers pot. Revered for its lush, emerald fronds and air-purifying qualities, the Kimberly Queen Fern adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Disclaimer: Actual product may vary in appearance and size due to natural growth patterns and seasonal availability.

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